Leak Detection Services in FL

Leak Detection

Leak Detection is a broad term used to describe identifying the location of any type of pipe leak, including water, sewer, and even gas lines. There are many types of ways to find a leak, depending on the suspected type and how much damage you’re willing to do to your property. At Leak1 Leak Detection we provide specific Leak Detection Services exclusively for Plumbing, Slabs, and Commercial Systems to minimize impact on your property while providing an accurate location of the leak. We use Hydrostatic, Infrared, and Laser Technologies to detect even the most difficult of Leaks! Give us a call now if you suspect a leak in your home, or your company’s water systems.

Leak1 Leak Experts
Leak1 Leak Experts

Plumbing Leak Detection

With the amount of liquid that residential plumbing systems handle on a daily basis, there is no doubt that at some point this system can grow faulty, and spring a leak. There are many signs that can give a home or business owner clear indication of whether or not they are dealing with a Leak in their system. One of the most common signs comes as an unexpectedly high water bill. This occurs as a result of a hidden water leak that has the potential to leak 100s of gallons of water per month! Other signs of a water leak can include, a change in your water pressure, mold growth, water damage in your floors or ceilings, or loud pipes. While there are many more causes for general plumbing leaks the fact remains. It is essential that you call a professional to come assess your plumbing system as soon as you suspect there is a problem. Call the professionals now at Leak1 Leak Detection to come to your home or business and conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

Slab Leak Detection

The term Slab Leak Detection is technically only used to distinguish a leak that is located within a cement slab. A little over 50 Years ago in the United States we began building cement foundations for our residential and commercial structures, and as a result we adapted our plumbing systems to integrate into such foundations. Which, you guessed it, would make the detection of such a leak more difficult than that of an exposed water line. Fortunately with todays technology, we have the ability to detect these leaks easily with thermal imaging, moisture detection, and sonar guided devices. Meaning there is no slab leak that is undetectable. If you notice your water bill is spiking, or have started to notice a change in your home or business’s water pressure, give the professionals at Leak1 Leak Detection a call!

Commercial Leak Detection

As a commercial building or business owner, it might seem daunting to know that there is a possibility of a leak in your plumbing system. How much will it cost? Where do I begin to locate and repair the problem? Many commercial building owners call on Leak1 Leak Detection in order to conduct a professional Commercial Leak Detection. Using the latest technologies available, our team of certified technicians will work diligently to locate the leak and diagnose the source of the problem. Then, they will provide you with an accurate assessment and estimate for the job. If you are a commercial business or building owner and suspect that you have an issue with the your water lines, give Leak1 Leak Detection a call now for Commercial Leak Detection.