Leak Repair in Florida

Commercial Leak Detection

When you think of the issues that could derail your Florida business, a hidden water leak might not top the list. But if you own a commercial property, there is always the possibility that a water leak could create a severe problem that will require your immediate attention. Damage to your building and its contents could be only the beginning of the nightmare. However, a call to the pros at Leak1 Leak Detection for Commercial Leak Detection in Florida is the best way to minimize the possibility of water and mold damage and eliminate the added stress of an unresolved water leak. Call (772) 200-2452 for immediate emergency service. Our team is available 24/7 every day of the year because no one can predict when a water line could begin leaking and jeopardize your business.

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What Causes A Commercial Water Leak

When it comes to Commercial Leak Detection in Florida the causes are much like the causes of residential ones. Only commercial leaks are more extensive in most cases. The type and age of the water lines have a lot to do with many leaks. Older pipes or inexpensive pipes can be the culprit of many issues. But there are other factors that you might not have any control over that can increase the potential for a costly water leak. Previous tenants or property owners might not have provided the care and service that the water lines required. Or there could have been issues related to damage that you are unaware of. An errant bump with a forklift could have damaged the pipe before it was enclosed in a wall. And now it has finally started to leak.

Another common cause of hidden water leaks is the shifting of the structure’s foundation. A concrete slab is thought to be very stable and stationary. But in the event of an earthquake, flood, or other issues related to the soil around the foundation, a massive concrete pad can and does move. The problem with this motion is that the water lines running through the concrete do not always move with it. The result is a cracked water line that leaks under the concrete. These slab leaks can be tough to locate, and while leaking, they can cause some costly water damage. Left undetected and repaired, a slab leak can result in the collapse of a concrete foundation and the loss of the structure that it was supporting.

The Cost Of A Commercial Water Leak

Commercial Leak Detection in Florida is not uncommon. However, there is no way to know what the repair costs for a commercial water leak could reach. But there are a few other costs equally as vital that could be even more financially devastating. The loss of inventory, components, equipment, technology, and other items in your commercial building could result in a stoppage of your operation. And when that happens, you have no revenue coming in to pay the bills that inevitably continue.

But that is not the only way a water leak threatens your future. With your company temporarily closed, your customers could be taking their business to a competitor. And when that happens, you will feel the pain of losing revenue for a long time. Winning back your customer base once you reopen can be very challenging and costly. And finally, with no work, you could be a loss of employees as well. There are many reasons why it is essential to limit the potential for water damage and damage to your business overall from a water leak.

Call In The Pros

When you think that there could be a water leak in your commercial property, the smart move is a fast call to (772) 200-2452. You need the experience and expertise of licensed plumbers to quickly locate the hidden leak and get it fixed before it causes thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. At Leak1 Leak Detection, we understand your stress and responsibility as a business owner. And we are here to eliminate the added worry and pressure of a potential water leak. Our professionals will get the job done quickly and correctly. When completed, the leak will be precisely located so that you can have minimal amount of repairs completed. The only signs we were there will be your 100% customer satisfaction. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Commercial Leak Detection in Florida!